Music Campaign

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Recomet brings you web3’s first music commission campaign.
Tailored specifically for YOU, who wants to give your PFP character the gift of music.


For this campaign, Recomet has collaborated with indie musicians in the NFT space:
  1. NyanchantheAnon
    1. NyanchantheAnon or ‘Nyanko’ is a DJ and music producer. Some artists in the anime-NFT space might recognize him as an art collector as well!
      NyanchantheAnon’s genre of music is house, techno, and ambient, though he actually hates to be put in a box.
      Check out the music he composed for the artist Mio:
  1. Nyarons
    1. Nyarons is a music duo consisting of Bassy (Composer) and Chika (Vocalist). You might have heard of Nyarons as they collaborated with Megami to produce an original song titled ‘If I am a Megami’. This time, Bassy has agreed to collaborate with Recomet as a part of Nyarons!
      Nyarons has 30,000 followers on Spotify. Their genre is pop, and their music is fresh, perfect for the hot summer days!
      Check out their works:
      • Spotify:
  1. Yokodori
    1. Yokodori is an indie music composer and also a guitarist. His music is chill, with R&B beats. It’s the perfect beat to chill while you’re doing various task, or even study!
      He has released various BGM songs, which you can check on his Spotify below.
  1. Noxis
    1. Noxis is a guitarist, singer, and composer. His works are mainly melodic-metal, or metal influenced, but their composition genre has a wide range! He has composed for several NFT projects and games. He has collaborated with a visual artist for an exhibition by Sotheby's.

Random Match System

Inspired by our campaign with Bluemeow Friends, this campaign will implement the random match system. Meaning, the request will be sent to a central account, which will be randomized and distributed to the collaborating musician.
The random match system is chosen so that the collaborator will have a fair chance to showcase their work. Who knows that in the process, YOU too, will find something you never knew you needed?


Composing music is no easy feat. Even a minute of song takes a lot of consideration, skill, and creativity. For this campaign, the Basic Plan is a flat rate of 0.2E per 1 minute.
  1. Basic Plan: 0.2e for 1 minute
  1. 0.4e for 2 minutes
  1. Additional 0.2e for every 1 minute
The following is the simple explanation for the campaign flow:

Request Flow:

  • Send your request to the campaign account!
    • Don’t forget to attach references and describe the ambiance/vibe that you have in mind.
  • Wait for the request to be approved
  • Once approved, deposit your payment. Remember that your request will be automatically canceled if you fail to deposit your payment on time.
  • Please wait while the music is on the way 🎶
  • All delivery will be executed on the same day, so look forward to that mail in your inbox!
  • Approve the delivery when it comes.
  • Enjoy!

Commission Slot

  • The campaign will open 4 to 8 slots (1-2 songs per artist). Requests will be distributed equally among artists.
  • Request approval will be on a first come-first serve basis.
  • There is a possibility for additional slots if the demand far exceeds the available slot.


  • The campaign will run from August, 10, 00:00 to August, 17, 23:59 (JST)
  • There is a possibility for the campaign to run longer if the minimum slot is not taken by the time the campaign closes.
  • There is a possibility for the campaign to run shorter if the maximum slot is taken before the campaign closes.