Project Wiki feature

What is Project Wiki?

Project Wiki is a feature that allows creators to create a wiki page about their own projects (e.g., small collection PFP. 10k generative PFPs, original characters, etc.). Through the wiki page, creators may provide information such as project descriptions, licenses, and other guidelines pertaining to their projects.
The information on the Project Wiki will make it easier for the requester and the creator of the project to check the scope of permitted derivative work before starting a transaction.

What should go into your Project Wiki?

  • A project consisting of a single NFT collection or multiple NFT collections.
    • e.g., MEGAMI, tubbycats, uwucrew, Azuki (Azuki, BEANZ), creators' own PFP collections, etc...
  • Characters and projects run by a team or a corporation (regardless of NFT)
  • Characters and projects created by creators (regardless of NFT)

Who can create and edit the Project Wiki?

Any requester who has sent at least one request (transaction completed) and any creator who has delivered at least one request (transaction completed) can edit the wiki.

Project Wiki Setting Guidelines

The following is the explanation for setting up a Project Wiki.
  • Name (required) The name of the project.
  • Description (required)
    • The project description.
  • Project ID (required)
    • ID to identify the project used in the URL.
  • Home page URL
    • If you have a home page, you can enter it here.
  • Icon (required)
    • The icon image of the project.
  • Background (required)
    • The background image of the project.

Upcoming updates

  • Tagging
    • We are developing a system to make it possible to tie requests to its relevant project wiki. By linking the requests and the project wiki, consolidating derivative work into the project wiki will be easier. The works would be searchable through the projects’ tags as well.