Plan feature

What is Plan?

Plan or ‘Package Plan’ allows creators to create a category and package in their commission plan. For example, instead of offering a single recommended price, you can offer an Illustration plan and a 3D plan. Each of the plans may contain several packages with different prices, currencies, and delivery deadlines.
For example:

Plan Setting Guidelines

Below is the explanation of each field in your Plan setup.
  • Title (required) The title of your Plan. We suggest you include keywords that requesters are likely to use when looking up your Plan.
  • Description (required)
    • The description of your Plan. Please set up a detailed description of what your Plan offers, as well as your Terms and Conditions. ※ Markdown format supported.
  • Thumbnails (required)
    • These thumbnails are related to the contents of your Plan. We suggest you set an appropriate thumbnail that represents the nature of the request offered in this plan. The ideal ratio for a plan’s thumbnail is 12:5
  • Category (required)
    • This category is related to the content of your Plan and might be used for filtering. You may select only one category per Plan. Please select the category that best fits your Plan.
  • Tags
    • This tag is related to the content of your Plan. You may specify up to 5 tags per Plan.
      Please set up tags that are relevant to the type of request offered in your Plan.

Package Setting Guidelines

Package can be set up within a Plan. The following is a guide to set up your package
  • Title (required) The title of the package. If you have more than one package, please set titles that identifies the difference between each package.
  • Description (required)
    • The description of the package. If you have more than one package, we suggest you include descriptions that clearly distinguish each package from one to another.
  • Price (required)
    • The price per commission/request. Set up the fixed price for this package.
      In this field, you can specify between two types: Token payment, or NFT exchange.
      Token payment
      You can specify the Token you would like to receive as compensation for your request.
      NFT exchange
      You can specify the NFT you would like to receive in exchange for the commission
  • Response Deadline (required)
    • The deadline to respond to incoming request (Accept or Decline).
      You can set the response deadline between 1 to 30 days.
  • Delivery Deadline (required)
    • The deadline for delivering approved request. You can set the deadline between 30 and 120 days. Be mindful that the start of the delivery deadline will be calculated from the date your request is received, NOT approved. Delivery Deadline cannot be shorter than the response deadline.

Upcoming updates

  • Delivery of Multiple NFTs.
    • We are planning an update that allows delivery of multiple NFTs at one time. Further, we are also planning to implement the function that allows creators to deliver multiple copies of ERC1155 NFT when delivering requests
  • Stringing URLs to delivered works.
    • We are planning an update that allows URLs (Tweet, video, production process, etc.) to be associated with requested works (either by creator or by requester).