Requester Guidelines

※Since this is a beta version, there is a possibility of frequent changes.

 ✏️ Service Overview

Request Features

  • Communication
    • There will be only one round-trip communication between the requester and the creator. The first trip will be ‘Send Request’ and the last trip will be ‘Delivery Confirmation’. There will be no other way to communicate with the creator through the platform aside from the two actions.
  • Request Content There is no pressure to give complicated or detailed instructions. It is alright to simply list the content you wish to see in the artwork.
    • ※ e.g., “I want a drawing of a character with blue hair and red eyes, I will leave everything else to you.”
      If you have a detailed idea of the artwork’s theme, composition, color, or anything that the artist must reflect in the final work, please write detailed instructions, then attach clear and exact references. This is to ensure as little revision and redrawing as possible in the later stage.
  • Refund in the case of non-delivery A full refund system is available if the creator fails to deliver the requested works within the deadline. The refund system will be automatically available to the requester if the deadline passes without any delivery. ※ Please note that the Gas fee is charged separately.
  • The NFT transfer The NFT will be transferred to the requester’s wallet once the delivery is confirmed and the transaction is marked as complete.

Request Rules

  • Refrain from asking for a complete redraw via DM or email.
    • While we are aware that mistakes can happen and that revision is necessary, we ask requesters to refrain from asking for excessive amounts of revisions. We especially ask for requesters’ cooperation to not ask for complete redraws or retakes through Twitter DM, Email, or any other messaging service while using Recomet. Revision or redrawing that deviates from the description sent with the request is considered a violation of Recomet’s Term of Service.
      Recomet’s current system does not provide means for artists to charge extra for revisions and redraws. While this may change in the future, as we are now, both creators’ and requesters’ cooperation are necessary to make sure that the creative community formed around Recomet is a safe and comfortable community for both creators and requesters.
  • Do not establish your own rules.
    • Do not impose any restrictions on the creators beyond the general rules of the service. This is including a rule to deduct a gas fee, discounted prices, and other rules not pertaining to the specification of requested works.
  • Do not use the service as a means of money transfer between individuals.
    • To prevent money laundering, please do not use the service as a means of money transfer between individuals.

Request Specifications

  • Request approval and cancellation
    • The creator will only approve the request they wish to accept. Requests that were not approved past the approval deadline will be automatically canceled. The requesters will only be notified for request approval. There will be no notification of automatic cancelation of requests.
  • Payment Method
    • With the release of Plan and Package, ETH, USDC, and other ERC-20 tokens are all supported as a form of payment. NFT exchange is also available.
      Please note that accepted currency is decided by creators and not requesters.
  • Payment Window The requester should make a payment within 3 days after the creator approved their request. If the requester fails to make a payment within 3 days, the request will be automatically canceled.
  • Refund
    • Suppose the creator fails to deliver the work within the delivery deadline, the refund system will be available to the requester. The requester will execute the refund request themselves.
  • Platform Fee
    • The platform fee is included in the requested amount. Recomet will not charge an additional fee to requesters.
  • Requested artworks’ degree of completion and/or complexity
    • The creator will decide the degree of completion and the degree of complexity of the artwork, depending on each Plan. As a requester, please do not enforce your own standard of completion and complexity of the requested artwork.
  • Approval Deadline and Delivery Deadline
    • The approval deadline is the time limit for approving received requests. The system will calculate the deadline based on the date the request(s) is sent.
      The delivery deadline is the time limit within which the creator must deliver the work for the approved request. Similarly, the time limit is calculated from the date the request is sent.
      The requester may not advance the delivery deadline. Further. imposing a deadline for a request is a violation of Recomet’s Terms of Use.
  • Supported Files
    • Both Recomet’s shared contract and registered custom contract support the following files: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, and GLTF.
  • Copyrights
    • Creators hold the copyright of their creations. Creators are free to publish their requested work(s) on social media, personalized magazines, collections of works, and other services without the requester or holder’s permission. The NFT holder (the requester) may only use the work for personal purposes such as social media profile pictures, and banners. Should there be additional agreement(s), the holder may only use the work within the scope agreed upon by both parties (the creator and the requester) as described in the body of their request.
      It is important to note that even if the rights to the work belong to the creator, the creator also bears all responsibility regarding the creation of the works. To avoid issues, please be sure to follow the guidelines for each project (or the original title when creating derivatives of non-NFT commercial works such as anime and games) when creating derivative works.
  • Freezing of Accounts
    • The Recomet management team reserves the right to freeze accounts without prior notice for violating the platform’s Policies and Terms of Service.

Request Flow

  1. The requester looks for a creator currently accepting requests.
  1. The requester carefully reads the creator’s profile and the overview of their request requirement.
  1. If the creator has published several types of request plans, select the plan that fits your budget and requirements.
  1. Creators approve request they want to work on. In order to ensure approval, please do not send a request that violates the creators’ Terms and Conditions.
  1. Requesters will receive a notification for payment. A one-time, full amount of payment is necessary for creators to start working on the commission. ※ If payment is overdue (3 days), the request will be automatically canceled.
  1. The creator starts working on the request. Please wait for delivery!
  1. Request can be delivered to requesters using one of these contract
      • NFT minted in an external contract (your own’s contract such as Manifold/FND).
      • Delivery of artwork minted through OpenSea Shared contract is not supported
  1. The creator then executes delivery by either uploading the file into the Shared Contract or registering the NFT they have previously minted in their own’s contract. (See User Guide: Delivering Requests for details)
    1. 💡
      If the creator fails to deliver the request within the completion deadline (no delivery when the deadline passes), the requester can execute the refund process.
  1. After the requester confirms the delivery, the transaction will be marked as complete. The requester will receive the NFT and the sales proceeds will be sent to the creator.
    1. 💡
      If the confirmation of completion is overdue (3 days), the creator may mark the request as completed, with the management’s approval.

Scope of Use of Deliverables

NFT holders (requesters) may use the deliverables (i.e., saved jpg, png, etc. files) only for personal purposes such as social media profile pictures and banners.
Should there be additional agreement(s) between the requester and the creator, the holder (requester) may use the deliverables only within the scope agreed upon by both parties (creator and requester), as described in the body of the request.
Basically, the right to use the work is granted to the NFT holder. Therefore, if the current holder sells or transfers the NFT to a third party, the current holder will lose the rights to the work(s), and the rights will be transferred to the new holder.

📖 User Guide

Starting an Account

  1. Click on the "Connect Wallet" button in the upper right corner of the page.
  1. Select the wallet you wish to connect to.
  1. Click the "Sign-In with Ethereum" button to perform a signature on the wallet.

Sending a Request

  1. Go to the page of the Artist you would like to send a request to
  1. Choose the Plan that fits your budget and vision.
  1. Check the plan’s terms and conditions, then click continue.
  1. You may write a detailed instruction or a brief and simple instruction. You may also attach either an NFT you own, or upload your own files as references.
  1. Double-check all the entries and click on the confirmation check box. This is to confirm that your request does not violate Recomet’s, Creators’, and if applicable, any project’s policy.
  1. Click Send.

Making a Payment

  1. Check for requests that are currently in progress in the Request Page, under the Sent tab.
  1. Click on the request you would like to make a payment for. The payment page will open automatically.
  1. Double-check the content of the requests as well as the payable amount. Click on the Pay button.
  1. Confirm the message on your wallet.
  1. The payment will be completed once the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain.

Completing Transaction

  1. Check the completed transaction in the Request Page under the Sent → In-Progress tab.
  1. Confirm the deliverables and click on the ‘Complete’ button. The Transaction Completion page will open
  1. Double-check the transaction content details, then click on the ‘Complete’ button
  1. Sign the message in your wallet to approve the transaction
  1. The transaction will be completed once it is confirmed in the blockchain. You will receive the NFT as soon as this step is completed.