MEGAMI X Recomet

 📙 Project Title: MEGAMI x Recomet: My MEGAMI derivative, Omakase!

A collaboration project between MEGAMI and Recomet.
MEGAMI is a project that does not only seek profit but also an appreciation of self-expression. It is a project that seeks to support artists and value creative freedom. Megamix and the tag '#drawmymegami' is an extension of that core concept.
Similarly, Recomet operates based on the belief that artists should be able to exercise a degree of creative freedom when accepting commissions. So instead of asking the artists to create something based on the requester's vision to the T, Recomet takes the ‘omakase’ culture and implements it into the platform.
Through this collaboration, we would love to extend the concept of #drawmymegami and integrate it into Recomet’s concept of ‘omakase!’ Therefore the title of the collaboration.


  1. Pushing Creations of Derivative Works The majority of commissioned works are fan arts of characters from various shows and games, as well as original characters. Traditionally, commissioned works have been a major source of income for artists. In the NFT space, most commissions and contests are derivatives of one’s owned NFT. Pushing the creation of derivative works will benefit artists and Recomet as a commission platform. Further, it will also satisfy MEGAMI’s brand mission (MEGAMIX).
  1. Introducing Recomet's services and the ‘Omakase’ culture Introducing this culture is extremely important because it is a culture unique to Japan. With the exception of those familiar with the Japanese Skeb platform, many of Recomet’s non-Japanese users are confused with the “no-message”, “no redraw”, “leave it to the artist” policy (on top of not being used to commissioning artists or even unfamiliar with the 1/1 scene).
  1. Rewarding MEGAMI’s Holder, The collab should Reward MEGAMI holders (both artists and non-artists) in more than one way. Artists may enjoy having an extra source of income, requesters may enjoy additional perks such as an exclusive commemorative token.
  1. Building a sense of belongingness in the Community Participation in an exclusive holders-only event is a good way to build a strong sense of belonging in the community, both for artist holders and non-artist holders alike. Uwucrew and AZUKI are two fine examples of projects with successful community-building activities.
  1. Bringing visibility to smaller artists This collaboration project should benefit not only major artists but also smaller artists. We believe that bringing visibility to smaller artists will be beneficial for the NFT space in general (platforms, projects).


  1. Artist holders with invited Recomet Account Megami holders who have been conducting activities as artists in the NFT space.
  1. Non-Artist holders with Recomet Account


  1. To Participate:
      • Either send or accept a request for a MEGAMI derivative work to participate in the event.
  1. Artist Participation
      • A creator is considered to have participated in the event when they complete (accept and deliver) one request through Recomet for a MEGAMI derivative while possessing a MEGAMI NFT.
      • Completing one request is enough to participate in the event. Do note of the deadline for the artwork completion as it is different from the deadline set by each artist.
      • Delivery of requested artwork that does not meet the event’s deadline will not be eligible for the event’s benefit and privileges.
  1. Requester Participation
      • A client is considered to have participated in the event when they make one request for a derivative of their MEGAMI while possessing the said MEGAMI.
      • The requester must hold at least 1 (one) MEGAMI NFT during the request period. The NFT requested for derivative must be in the requester’s possession until the request result is delivered.
      • Even if an artist fails to meet the event’s deadline for the artwork delivery, the requesters will still be eligible for this event’s benefit and privileges.
  1. Participation rewards, benefits, privileges
      • During this Recomet will take a 0% platform fee ONLY for requests of MEGAMI derivative made within this event period.
        • ※Only for requests sent and approved before the first deadline (Deadline to send and accept requests).
      • ALL participants will receive an ERC1155 token as proof of participation in the event. The token will be in the form of a stamp created by Aoya. A snapshot to prove ownership of a MEGAMI will be taken nearing the end of the event.
      • At the end of the event, all requesters’ names will be raffled. Three lucky requesters may receive a free MEGAMI NFT.

🚀 Details for Artist Participant

  1. Artist participants:
      • There are several considerations as to why we propose to have the event exclusive to MEGAMI NFT holders only, even as a participating artists.
          1. MEGAMI team has carefully ensured that the project includes as many artists as possible. There should be enough supply of artists (vs. non-artists) among holders of MEGAMI. Further, holders of multiple MEGAMI may lend their NFT to artists who wish to participate but are not holding a MEGAMI during the participating artists’ registration period.
          1. Opening the event to the non-holder artist but limiting it to the holder-requester risks making the project seems like it unequally favors artists.
            1. Since we proposed [rewarding MEGAMI NFT holders] and [Building a sense of belongingness in the Community] as goals of this collaboration, making the event an exclusive holders-only event may benefit MEGAMI as a project in the long run. Exclusivity usually results in pride and a sense of belongingness in a community. It also makes holding a MEGAMI NFT beneficial and meaningful.
      • Small Artists will be featured separately. To be counted as ‘small artist’, the said artists should have followings less than 1500 on Twitter and/or have never received a request on Recomet before. A lead-in function (such as a search function) or a list will be created within Recomet to prioritize this group of artists.
      • As smaller artists tend to undersell, especially in an environment where tight competition is unavoidable, Recomet may set separate minimum Recommended Amounts to mitigate price war.


  1. Date
    1. We propose to have this collaboration event running from 9/12 to 10/25. The timing will coincide with the MEGAMI X GASHO2.0 event, but the deadlines will not overlap
  1. Time frames and Deadline:
    1. It may be better to have two separate deadlines: 1) the Deadline to send and accept requests, and 2) the Deadline to deliver the requests.
      • Deadline to send and accept requests: 14 days since the beginning of the event (9/12~9/25)
      • Deadline to deliver the requests: 1 month after the request deadline ends. (~10/25 )
      In total, the event will take about 1 month and a half to conclude.
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