MegamixRecomet Post-Campaign Review

đź“– Event Recap

  • Total invitation sent: 39
  • Total requests sent: 91
  • Total requesters: 47
  • Total artists receiving requests: 56
  • Total GMV: 16.77ETH
  • (Including 4.65E released/delivered, excluding requests that did not meet participation criteria)
  • Average Request Value: 0.19E
Growth Provided by Campaign

Participant Survey

(coming soon)

Areas to be Improved & Areas we did well

  1. The gap period between the first announcement and the start date seems to confuse many people. There is a risk to lose hype momentum if the gap is too long. Solution: Might be a good idea to post an official announcement around 2 days before the event starts. 2 days seems enough to send out invitations to most applicants as well.
  1. Most things went well due to extensive preparation but experimenting with different types of incentives and participants might be a good idea.
  1. Featuring artists in the order of Twitter following does not seem to do much. Maybe experimenting with randomized order would do better. Requesters/Client seems to commission artists based on others’ commission result (peer influence) or already possess a commission target beforehand.
  1. Artist feature seems to bring in more visibility and discoverability. It could be a good idea to keep on featuring artists during the campaign period.