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(EN) A:\Aikomet Evening Gala

Announcing collaboration with Aiko Virtual! This collaboration will be Recomet’s first collaboration campaign in 2023. To celebrate the new year and new beginning, we are inviting all Aikos to a (virtual) Evening Gala held by Recomet and Aiko Virtual team. You know what Evening Gala means. Yes, that means it’s TIME TO PULL YOUR BEST STYLE.
Dress code: Formal, or Cyber/Streetwear.
For this campaign, the Recomet Team and the Aiko team challenge you to dress your Aiko up according to the dress code. What kind of style would your Aiko wear if they attend this party?
To participate, simply send or accept 1 Aiko derivative request.
※Artist does not need to hold an Aiko to be eligible for the campaign.
※We strongly recommend you follow the event’s theme as there is an additional reward for the best-dressed Aiko.
A few things to be kept in mind:
  1. The theme is formal wear OR streetwear/techwear/cyber aesthetic. A good example of this would be Fashion in the game Arknights. Think of Tokyo Fashion Week as well.
  1. Reference to Luxury Brands is allowed, after all, luxury is always a part of MET Gala, Fashion week, and streetwear! However, as we don’t form actual partnerships with these brands, please be sure to either parody or censor the brand names and logo.

Perks and Rewards

  • Enjoy a 0% platform fee for all Aiko Derivative Requests made between 01/10/2023 0:00 JST to 01/25/2023 23:59 (JST).
  • Aiko Virtual Stamps
    • Creator Stamp: Gifted to any community member who showcases an original creative work related to the Aiko Universe
    • Supporter Stamp: Gifted to anyone who ‘supported Aikommunity artists via verifiable blockchain interactions, such as purchasing an art piece or bidding on a piece on FND (related to Aiko Virtual)’
  • At the end of the event, we will gather all the commissioned artwork and hold a best-dressed award. Holders of Aiko Virtual NFT will be able to vote and decide on the best style! Recomet team and Aiko team will sponsor the winner for a 0.5E worth of commission on Recomet.
Only artists who deliver the artwork before the final delivery deadline (02/25/2023 23:59 JST) will be eligible for the stamp. Delivery past the deadline means the artist will only be eligible for the 0% platform fee but will not receive the stamp.

Eligibility, Terms, and Conditions

  • Requesters must hold an Aiko Virtual NFT during the campaign period to be eligible for perks and rewards.
  • The commission request should have an Aiko Virtual NFT attached to the request details as proof of ownership.
  • The Request must be of Aiko derivative. It must be sent, accepted, and paid for between 01/10/2023 0:00 ~01/25/2023 23:59 (JST).
  • Creators are not required to have an Aiko. You will receive a 0% platform fee adaptation and the creator stamp as a benefit.
For detailed information and exception, check out our FAQ.

Artist Invitation

If you hold an Aiko and wish to participate, but have not yet been invited to Recomet, worry not! You may apply for an invitation here:
Recomet Invitation Application Form:


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