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(EN) GASHO 2.0 x Killer GF x Recomet

Announcing our surprise partner for the Killer GF campaign, Gasho 2.0!

What is Gasho 2.0?

Simply put, a 2.5d relief aluminum printing service. Gasho 2.0 works together with Japanese artisans with a long printing history to bring NFT artworks to life. With the unique printing technique, Gasho 2.0 seeks to maximize the value of NFT by bridging the digital and the physical world. Having worked with luxury brands and premium hotels in Japan for decades, these artisans will ensure that your NFT is not merely printed but made into a piece of fine art.

Campaign Detail

Starting 20th February (2023/02/20) Recomet and Gasho will offer Gasho 2.5D aluminum print at a special price. The order must be either a Killer GF derivative or the original Killer GF PFPs.
In detail, we offer:
  • 20% off for printing of a Killer GF derivative and
  • 20% off for printing of Killer GF Original PFP
Check out the full price list below!
In addition, Gasho and Recomet will raffle 2 free S-sized 2.5D aluminum prints (worth $900 each) for requester participants:
  • The first free 2.5D aluminum print will be raffled to all derivative requesters.
  • The second 2.5D aluminum print will be raffled to anyone ordering a print during the campaign period. The raffle will take place near the end of the delivery period.

Eligibility & Order Period


This price list is only available for Killer GF community. In other words:
  • All Killer GF holders are eligible for order at special price.
  • Killer GF holder who has made derivative requests through Recomet are eligible for the raffles detailed above.

Order Period

GASHO2.0 will start accepting order for this campaign from:
02/20 (20 February) 00:00 JST or 02/19 (19 February) 10:00 EST.
We will stop accepting order for this campaign at:
03/31 (31 March) 23:59 JST or 03/31 (31 march) 9:59 EST

How to Order

For this campaign, Gasho 2.0 has provided us with an order form. If you are eligible for this campaign and wants to order a Gasho2.0 print at the special price, please order through this form instead of Gasho’s website.
Step by step ordering:
  1. If you are ordering for an artwork commissioned through this campaign, make sure the artwork has been minted and delivered. An OpenSea link to the artwork is necessary to fill the order form.
  1. Check out the price list provided above.
  1. According to the size you wish to order, make a remittance in either ETH or USDT to:
    1. Remittance Address(ERC20) 0x311Af36142DA8Bc9560E52ED915B03360f35171F
  1. Fill the order form:
  1. Production will start after the remittance is confirmed. Note that each production takes 2-3 months to finish as the pieces are made one at a time.
⚠️ Notice ⚠️
  • Please fill the order form after payment is made. We devised this system to avoid any potential spam orders.
  • Due to ETH volatility, the price is listed in USD/USDT. Please make a payment in either USDT/USCD/fiat equivalent or ETH according to ETH price at the time of remittance.


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