(EN) Frequently Asked Question

Below are frequently asked questions regarding Gasho and Gasho order for the Killer Gf x Recomet campaign.
If you have any other questions not covered in this document, do not hesitate to contact:


  1. About GASHO 2.0: Contains FAQ about GASHO service and the 2.5D relief printing.
  1. About Campaign order: Contains FAQ regarding GASHO x Killer Gf x Recomet campaign.
  1. Request a derivative of your Killer GF via Recomet to participate in the campaign!
    1. Event details are here 👉🏻 KGF - Valentine’s Day | Recomet
  1. For Recomet’s English requester’s guidelines, check here. The Requester guideline in Japanese is here.

 📌 About GASHO 2.0

  1. Where is GASHO?
    1. both GASHO 2.0 and the artisans working with the team are located in Japan.
  1. What is the material?
    1. Aluminum plate.
  1. When ordering a GASHO, do I need to order the frame separately?
    1. No. All GASHO prints come with frame.
  1. I want to order a GASHO print, but the resolution of the artwork isn’t a square. Will the artwork be cropped in the final product?
    1. The final printing size will be fine-tuned according to the artwork size/resolution. GASHO will make sure that the artwork is not cropped in the final product.
  1. How heavy is a GASHO print?
    1. Weight varies depending on the size. As a reference, an XS Gasho weights around 450~550gr or 1~1.2lbs, and an XL (70cm x 100cm / 27.5in x 40in) GASHO weights about 6.5kg or 14lbs
  1. How do I take care of a GASHO print?
    1. You can clean a GASHO print using alcohol wipes or damp towel. Please make sure to wipe gently.

 📌 About Campaign Order

  1. Why do I need to remit before filling the order form?
    1. To prevent spam order and to make order handling easier. The order form serves as both payment proof and order form.
  1. I have a Killer GF but did not participate in the collaboration campaign. Am I still eligible for the discounted price?
    1. Yes! As long as you are a Killer GF holder, you are eligible for the special price. Please make sure you order within the campaign period!