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Request, Draw, Exchangeーget an uwu by drawing uwus!

To celebrate the collaboration between uwucrew and Recomet, the theme for this campaign would revolve around celestial bodies. Comets, we don’t go to the moon, we will orbit the universe, just like a comet—in uwucrew style.
This collaboration campaign will take full advantage of Recomet’s new feature: the plan and the NFT exchange. For this campaign, artists who don’t have an uwucrew can get an uwucrew by drawing a derivative!

How to participate?

To participate, simply send or accept 1 (one) request for a celestial body-themed uwucrew derivative!
  • holder-artists may accept requests in ETH, USDC, or even ask for an uwucrew in exchange for a commission.
  • non-holder artists can only participate by accepting an uwucrew in exchange for a derivative request.
  • Sending a request that adheres to the theme is not a must but is strongly encouraged.

Campaign Period

  • Send period
    • EST: 03/09/2023 10:00 to 03/24/2023 09:59
      UTC: 03/09/2023 15:00 to 03/25/2023 14:59
      JST: 03/10/2023 0:00 to 03/25/2023 23:59
  • Delivery deadline
    • EST: 2023/04/25 09:59
      UTC: 2023/04/25 14:59
      JST: 2023/04/25 23:59

Perks and Rewards

  • Enjoy a 0% platform fee for all uwucrew Derivative Requests made between 03/10/2023 0:00 JST to 03/25/2023 23:59 (JST).
  • All participants will receive an uwu insignia. Uwu Insignias are rare soulbound tokens which act as uwucrew achievement badges!
  • New dressing room item exclusive for campaign participants!
    • Celestial Hairpiece
    • Celestial Dress
    • Celestial Staff
    • Celestial Sky background
  • Raffles
    • A chance to win 1 free commission sponsorship (worth 0.15E) courtesy of uwucrew.
    • A chance to win a free uwucrew NFT!
Creators are only eligible for rewards if they deliver their work by the campaign's final delivery deadline (2023/04/25 23:59 JST). If you miss the final delivery deadline, the platform fee will be reduced to 0%, but you will not be eligible for any benefits.

Eligibility, Terms, and Conditions

  • Requesters must hold at least 1 uwucrew in the wallet connected to Recomet.
  • Artists who aren’t an uwucrew NFT holder may participate in the campaign by specifying uwucrew tokens in exchange for a request. The maximum number of token that can be set up is 1. Non-holder artists who accept requests for an uwucrew derivative in ETH or USDC will not be eligible for the campaign perks.
  • The request should have an uwucrew NFT attached as proof of ownership.
  • The primary currency valid for this campaign is ETH or USDC. NFT exchange will be acknowledged as long as uwucrew NFT is specified as the exchange token.
  • The Request must be of uwucrew derivative. It must be sent, accepted, and paid between 03/10/2023 0:00 ~ 03/25/2023 23:59 (JST).
For detailed information and exception, check out our FAQ.

Artist Invitation

If you wish to participate in this campaign but have not yet been invited to Recomet, worry not! You may apply for an invitation through uwucrew discord server.


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