About Recomet


Recomet is an NFT art request box.
By using Recomet’s services, creators can avoid unwanted troubles when accepting requests;
requesters may obtain custom NFT artwork from creators.

Benefits for creators.

  • Requester credibility: Reduces the time and effort required to ensure requester credibility
  • Safe and convenient: Avoid unwanted troubles such as hacking, fraud, non-payment, language barrier, etc.
  • Earnings with zero gas: it is possible to earn your first ETH, GAS FREE (LazyMint).
    • ※LazyMint is only for NFTs minted in the SharedContract managed by the management.

Benefits for requesters.

  • Artistic Collaboration: Requests are not just requests! Every requested artwork is a collaboration piece between you and your favorite artist.
  • Patronage: Be the patron of your favorite creator. By sending in a request, you become an active participant in their artistic endeavor.
  • Projects support: Grow your project’s community with art. It is possible to request artwork such as PFPs and stamps for intended community use.
  • Fan Arts: Request derivative works of your WEB3 identity, or—as long as their copyrights allow—any characters of your liking.

How to Use

A wallet is necessary to start using Recomet’s services. Currently, Recomet supports the following wallets:
  • MetaMask
  • Wallet Connect
  • Coinbase Wallet
After connecting wallets, creators can begin accepting requests by opening their request box. Please refer to Creator Guidelines for detailed information.
Requesters may start requesting artwork from their favorite creators by sending a request.
Please refer to Requester Guidelines for detailed information.


We have planned to add several functions that include supporting the secondary creation of authorized projects and custom contract deployment support. In detail, we plan to add the following features in due time:
  • A feature that allows holders of authorized collections to request derivative works
  • Ability to deploy original contracts for minting requested artworks (LazyMint support)
  • Multiple wallet addresses support
  • Alternative payment methods using supported ERC20 tokens.